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Partnership. YES: Your Exchange and StudyYES: Your Exchange and Study™ agency operates in the field of international cultural exchange and education and represents a number of programs for students and those who have already graduated from college or university. We have plenty of partners from all around the world and are looking for a long-term cooperation with new ones.

We get inspired by young successful, highly-motivated and open-minded people and give them an opportunity to get work and study experience abroad, broaden their horizons and discover the world.

Our company is currently extremely interested in finding new partners, who can provide our students with opportunities to study abroad, gain useful intercultural experience and immerse themselves in a foreign culture while learning.

Our primary goal is to find good and  reliable partners abroad who will share our main values and principles.

Our team consists of motivated enthusiasts who love and enjoy their job.

Are you interested in having partnership with us? Are you inspired by young cheerful people the way we are? Do not hesitate to contact us to establish a long-term partner relationship!

We are always open to cooperation and ready to review offers from our potential partners.

YES: Your Exchange and Study™ / YES Center
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Представители на территории Украины
Вы уже получили образование за границей или проходили стажировку и хотите другим помочь получить ценный опыт?

Вы работаете в ВУЗе или в органах студенческого самоуправления и хотите, что бы ваши студенты были в курсе всех обновлений программ международного культурного обмена или образования?

Вы начинающий предприниматель?

Предлагаем вам взаимовыгодное и долгосрочное сотрудничество:
— прозрачные и выгодные финансовые условия;
— постоянную консультацию;
— PR и маркетинговую поддержку.